Welsh Pony
Welsh Pony N1
Basic Info
Country: France
Player Level Unlock: 17
Market Level Unlock: 2

Official DescriptionEdit

Welsh Ponies originated from Wales, UK. It is reported that they existed before 1600 BC! They are resilient and surefooted, but also trustworthy and astute. Historically, they were used for postal services and for dragging carts in the coal mines. But today, they are frequent competitors in showing, jumping, and driving. 1


How to Breed Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 1 % Chance
Canadian Shetland Pony 29%
Andalusian Chincoteague Pony 31%
Canadian Pacer Connemara Pony 32%
Holsteiner Icelandic Horse 57%

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Welsh Pony N1 Special Speed 0 Stamina 2 Jump 2 15 35 Diamond 192 Coin
Tier 2 Welsh Pony T2 Rare Speed 2 Stamina 2 Jump 2 25 49 Diamond 240 Coin
Tier 3 Welsh Pony T3 Rare Speed 2 Stamina 3 Jump 2 36 63 Diamond 258 Coin
Tier 4 Elite Speed 3 Stamina 3 Jump 3 Diamond Coin


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