Mysterious Association Edit

With the Chinese New Years' update of 2016, a new button appeared on the Horse Haven map that revealed the following message.

Mysterious Association UI

The Purebreeders Society Edit

In March 2016, the previously closed location opened, revealing the Purebreeders Society. A location where users can earn certificates for Tier 4 horses of certain breeds.


As seen in the above image, a timer is listed at the Purebreeders Society location. Every 30 days, the three Tier 4 certificates one is able to earn is changed to three different breeds.

Tier 4 Edit

Image (1)

When a user enters the Purebreeders Society, they are greeted with the choice of three breeds that have a Tier 4 certificate available. To earn a certificate, one must have the required number of gems. This number is different depending on what breed you choose to work towards.

If a user doesn't have the right amount of gems, they can perform tasks for the Purebreeders Society in order to earn them.

Image (2)-0

You can also earn gems from the Quiz Stand or the Mine and Mini Mine. If you unlock the certificate for a breed, you can now breed two Tier 3s together to get a Tier 4 of that breed. If you unlock the certificate but can't breed the horse within the month, you will still be able to do it outside of the 30 day time frame. However, if you do not get the certificate within the 30 day time frame, you won't be able to earn it until the next time it comes around.

Once Horse Haven cycles through all of the horse breeds, the breeds will be cycled through again.

Tier 4s So Far! Edit

Months Breed 1 Breed 2 Breed 3
March - April Quarter Morgan Arabian
April - May Breton Dutch Warmblood Haflinger
May - June Andalusian Criollo American Warmblood
June - July Groningen Lusitano Australian Brumby
July - August Selle Francais Shetland Pony Welara
August - September Canadian Irish Sport Bavarian Warmblood
September - October Merens Rocky Mountain Hackney
October - November Holsteiner American Paint Thoroughbred
November - December Anglo-Norman Jutland Friesian
December - January Appaloosa Chincoteague Pony Trakehner
January - February American Indian Fjord Hanoverian
February - March Ardennes Shire Icelandic Horse
March - April Canadian Pacer Missouri Fox Trotter Westphalian
April - May Standardbred Wurttemberger Black Forest
May - June Mustang Lipizzaner Frederiksborg
June - July Quarter Gelderland Akhal Teke
July - August Welsh Pony Knabstrupper Clydesdale
August - September Merens Dutch Harness Dartmoor Pony
September - October Anglo-Norman Connemara Pony Oldenburg
October - November Canadian Orlov Trotter Belgian Warmblood
December - ? Selle Francais Morgan Arabian

Tier 4s have unique hairstyles, as well as the possibility of Legendary status - a new addition following Rare, Special, Elite, and Mythic.

New Skill Level Edit

Now, as of the Purebreeders Society, there is also a new skill level (This comes with Legendary horses usually). This is the Diamond skill, which is better than the others. This is what it looks like:

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