Beside the Mine in the German Village , you can open a Mini-Mine to produce coins, diamonds, or jewels. Unlike the Mine, you don’t need to drag tools to begin your exploration – just click the shovel icon and wait! But just like the Mine, you can only earn one type of currency each time you dig, though there are several possible rewards. It all depends on luck.

The Mini-Mine is only available starting at Player Level 23.

And one more thing: Although the Mini-Mine can only be opened or upgraded by spending diamonds, when you use the Mini-Mine, there’s a chance of earning diamonds too!

Mini Mine

Level Player Available Level Production Time Possible Outcome
1 23 10 Hours 1000 Coin Pearl
2 25 9 Hours 1600 Coin Pearl Ruby
3 28 8 Hours 2400 Coin Pearl Ruby Emerald
4 31 7 Hours 3200 Coin Pearl Ruby Emerald Sapphire
5 34 6 Hours 4000 Coin Pearl Ruby Emerald Sapphire