This section needs to be updated with more accurate and detailed information. The Grand Stable in Montana, France, and Germany look different from each other. In order to upgrade the Grand Stables to higher levels it costs a very large amount of diamonds. (I believe if I remember correctly, in order to upgrade the Grand Stable in Montana to a level higher than rank 2 it will require you to spend diamonds and will not accept coins. Likewise, in order to upgrade the Grand Stable in France to a level higher than rank 3 it also requires you to spend diamonds instead of coins.) Another thing to mention is that once you place a horse into the Grand Stable, that horse is no longer able to compete in steeple chases. You are still able to breed horses that are placed into the Grand Stable even though they can't take part in steeple chases. One last thing I would like to mention is about the rewards or incentives offered for completing a quest to upgrade the level of the Grand Stable. In order to view what rewards you will receive for doing so, simply tap on the icon of cousin Amy on the top left side of your screen. This will lead you to a list of quests that are available to you at your current level in the game. Hope this helps!


The Grand Stable is a new building introduced in V2.4 that players can keep multiple horses in. You can build it in France, Germany and in USA. If you complete the quest to build it you will receive 400 diamonds


Building GrandStable L1Level 1 GrandStable L2Level 2 GrandStable L3Level 3 GrandStable L4Level 4 GrandStable L5Level 5
Unlock Level Level 17 Level 25 Level 30 Level 32 Level 35
Build / Upgrade cost 30,000 Coin 600 Diamond 1000 Diamond 1500 Diamond 2000 Diamond
Build / Upgrade Time 2 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours 48 hours
Horse rooms 5 10 15 20? 25?


The Grand Stables FINAL OPENING: Edit

The Grand Stable was originally in FR, till recently. Now, in the Final Opening it is available in the US. Happy horses deserve a grand place to chat with friends and bed down for the night in a cozy stall, now your US horses can be just as happy together in their outfits and have one grand mind blasting party.

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