Horse -constellation gemini- gemini a
Basic Info
Country: All
Player Level Unlock: 26
Market Level Unlock: N/A

Official Description Edit

In June of 1971, the Australian parish of Canberra was flooded with reports of a giant monster prowling around the National Library. A brave reporter staked out the area at midnight, and she discovered that the “monster” was actually twin horses pulling a carriage. Their owner was eventually found asleep in the library – he was a local student who lost track of time while studying for exams.

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How to Breed Edit

Gotland Pony + Knabstrupper

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Horse -constellation gemini- gemini a Rarity Constellation Speed 3 Stamina 0 Jump 3 50 80 Diamond 276 Coin
Tier 2 Horse -constellation gemini- gemini b Rarity Constellation Speed 4 Stamina 1 Jump 4 75 100 Diamond 318 Coin
Tier 3 Horse -constellation gemini- gemini c Rarity Constellation Speed 5 Stamina 2 Jump 5 95 120 Diamond 360 Coin