This page will be kept updated with the latest changes and patch notes from Horse Haven: World Adventures.

November 1st

February 8th

June 6th

  • New Decor: English decorations
  • New Clothing: Limited edition hat/bridle
  • New Horses: Clydesdale & Shire Horses
  • New Village: England
  • Bug fixes.

April 27

  • New Decor: Limited edition derby decorations
  • New Clothing: Limited edition derby hats
  • Bug fixes.

March 30

January 27

  • New Building: Mystery Shop
  • New Clothing: Monkey King outfit available
  • Bug fixes.

December 16

  • New Steeplechase Available: Nordic Steeplechase
  • New Event: Rebuild Santa's Sleigh Events
  • New features: 3 new Horses breeds
  • Bug fixes.

September 9

July 30

  • New Event: Constellation Horse Event
  • New Event: Breeding Event
  • New Feature: Calendar Reward System
  • New Feature: 10 new horse breeds: 5 ponies and 5 full-grown horses
  • Improvement/Update: 3 more fields available on the US ranch
  • Improvement/Update: Game economic changes, esp. breeding related cost has been downsized.
  • Bug fixes.

June 18

  • New Event: Royal Race
  • New Event: Arabian Nights
  • New Breed: Arabian
  • New Steeplechase: Brazil
  • New Feature: Horse Level cap has been increased to Level 15
  • New Feature: Reward wheel when leveling up your horses from Level 10 to Level 15
  • New Feature: Max skill level has been increased to Level 6
  • New Feature: Time limited decorations and customizations
  • New Feature: Train your horses in the Grand Stable
  • Improvement/Update: Name your village
  • Bug fixes

May 7

  • New Feature: Grand Stable
  • New Feature: Neighbors
  • Improvement/Update: Horsepedia
  • Improvement/Update: Community Page
  • Bug fixes

March 26, 2015

  • Horse Haven: World Adventures has launched worldwide on iOS and Android!

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