Fantasy Horses

In the most recent update we got Fantasy Horses! To purchase these special horses, collect Dream Jewels by racing in the Constellation Race or by completing order quests from the Stallion Wrangler.

How to collect Dream Jewels

The Stallion Wrangler

The Stallion Wrangler can be found on the map under a blue diamond icon. Fulfill all the items he requires for a Dream Jewel, some gems and possibly some coins or diamonds. Once you complete his order he will return 12 hours later for another request.

Constellation Races

Dream Jewels can be collected from the Constellation Race. According to the Horse Haven Facebook page "Dream Jewels appear at 1500M, 2700M, and 3900M. Earn one per race and two maximum a day."

Adding Fantasy Horses

The "Befriend a Fantasy Wheel"

Once enough Dream Jewels have been collected, take a chance to spin for a Fantasy Horse. On the map there is a purple unicorn silhouette icon. This opens the wheel. Select a number of jewels to use. Each jewel has a different chance to win a Fantasy. Increasing the number of jewels on the wheel will result in a better chance for a Fantasy Horse.


The Befriend a Fantasy Wheel. Adding Dream Jewels increases the chances of receiving a Fantasy Horse.

On the wheel, landing on the pale yellow results in a prize, often coins or diamond, pale blue results in a Rare Fantasy Horse and pink results in an Elite Fantasy Horse. Using the tear-drop crystal Dream Jewels results in a Mythic level Fantasy Horse.

After spinning the wheel, the icon will turn grey and be unavailable for 48 hours.

Breeding Fantasy Horses

You can only breed fantasy horses with other fantasy horses.

You can only get LEGENDARY horses by breeding


There are 4 rarity types: RARE, ELITE, MYTHIC and LEGENDARY

There are 3 Tiers so far, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.


If you have no spare stable when you win a fantasy horse, it will be put into the paddock. To get the horse out of the paddock, just clear a stable so you have an empty one and the horse should get put in the stable. If it doesn't work, just restart your game and you should be prompted to fill the stable with a horse.


Rare TierRareFantasy
Elite TierEliteFantasy
Mythic TierMythicFantasy
Legendary TierLegendaryFantasy

Rare Fairy Horses

Glimmering Fairy Horse

This is a rare fairy horse. Its skills are bronze speed and silver jump. Their body is a pinkish brown and their mane is brown, paired with yellow butterfly-ish wings. It's not the prettiest of horses nor is it very good in steeplechase.

Jade Fairy Horse

This breed of fairy horse is rare. Its skills are silver stamina and bronze jump. This fantasy horse is a lemon yellow color with patches of white near the belly. It has a heavier build than the glimmering fairy horse (think Dolehest in shape) but is not as big as the Clydesdale or Shire. Its wings are green and yellow, with a shape much like a real butterfly's. Even though this may seem like an odd color combination, the jade fairy horse is quite majestic.

Standard Unicorn

Standard unicorn t1

This is a rare breed of unicorn. You get it when you unlock the Fantasy Island. Its skills are bronze stamina and silver jump. It has the same body type as the jade fairy horse and is pure white except for a teal mane and tail. The horn is white. This horse is beautiful, but not too good in steeplechase.

Sunlit Unicorn

Sunlit unicorn t1

Elite Fairy Horses

Amber Fairy Horse

Onyx Unicorn

Agate Fairycorn

Mythic Fairy Horses

Glacial Fairy Horse

Lava Unicorn

Lava horse headshot

Amethyst Fairycorn