Name Type Picture Location Unlock Level Price
Cadillacs Row Basic Decoration
I DecoCadillacsRow
All 5 25 Diamond
Brown Wooden Fence Fence
I DecoFenceWoodenBrown
All 5 50 Coin
Blue Wild Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoWildFlowerBlue
All 6 300 Coin
Orange Wild Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoWildFlowerOrange
All 6 300 Coin
Small Cactus Basic Decoration
US 7 100 Coin
Junction Sign Basic Decoration
I DecoJunctionSign
US 7 100 Coin
Purple Wild Flower Basic Decoration
All 8 300 Coin
Barb Wire Fence Fence
I DecoFenceBarbWire
All 8 100 Coin
Red Wild Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoWildFlowerPurple
All 9 300 Coin
White Marble Fence Fence
I WhiteMarbleFence
All 9 50 Coin
Black Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintBlack
All 10 100 Coin
Blue Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 10 120 Coin
Medium Cactus Basic Decoration
US 11 300 Coin
White Wild Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoWildFlowerWhite
All 11 300 Coin
Blue Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintBlue
All 12 100 Coin
Gray Rock Basic Decoration
I DecoRockGray
US 12 100 Coin
Pink Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 13 200 Coin
Yellow Wild Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoWildFlowerYellow
All 13 300 Coin
Brown Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintBrown
All 14 100 Coin
Purple Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 14 200 Coin
Well    Basic Decoration
I DecoWell
US 15 500 Coin
Big Cactus Basic Decoration
US 15 500 Coin
Pink Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintPink
All 16 Diamond
Red Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 16 200 Coin
Car Wreckage Basic Decoration
I DecoCarWreckage
All 17 400 Coin
Red Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintRed
All 17 Diamond
White Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 18 200 Coin
Khaki Wooden Fence Fence
I DecoFenceWoodenKhaki
All 18 50 Coin
White Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintWhite
All 19 100 Coin
Yellow Cactus Flower Basic Decoration
US 19 200 Coin
Yellow Painted Fence Fence
I DecoFencePaintYellow
All 20 100 Coin
Blue Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerBlue
All 20 300 Coin
Paved Road Road
I DecoRoadPaved
All 11 300 Coin
Red Rock Basic Decoration
I DecoRockRed
US 21 200 Coin
Ball-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubBall
FR 21 1000 Coin
Pink Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerPink
FR 22 300 Coin
Swing Seat Basic Decoration
I DecoSwingSeat
US 22 Diamond
Cat-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubCat
FR 22 1000 Coin
White Wooden Fence Fence
I DecoFenceWoodenWhite
All 23 50 Coin
Dirt Road Road
I DecoRoadDirt
All 6 50 Coin
Purple Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerPurple
FR 23 300 Coin
Lamp Post Basic Decoration
I DecoLampPost
FR 24 500 Coin
Dog-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubDog
FR 24 1000 Coin
Red Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerRed
FR 24 300 Coin
White Rock Basic Decoration
I DecoRockWhite
US 25 100 Coin
Horse-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubHorse
FR 25 1000 Coin
White Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerWhite
FR 25 300 Coin
Gazebo Basic Decoration
I DecoGazebo
US 25 25 Diamond
Gravel Road Road
I DecoRoadGravel
All 15 50 Coin
Garden Bench Basic Decoration
I DecoGardenBench
FR 26 600 Coin
Horse-Shoe Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubHorseShoe
FR 26 1000 Coin
Old Wind Mill Basic Decoration
I DecoOldWindMill
US 26 25 Diamond
Yellow Potted Flower Basic Decoration
I DecoPottedFlowerYellow
FR 27 300 Coin
Pyramid-Shaped Shrub Pyramid Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubPyramid
FR 27 1000 Coin
Brick Road Road
I DecoRoadBrick
All 21 150 Coin
Yellow Rock Basic Decoration
I DecoRockYellow
US 27 Diamond
Rabbid-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubRabbit
FR 28 1000 Coin
Square-Shaped Shrub Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubSmallSquare
FR 28 500 Coin
Pond Basic Decoration
I DecoPond
All 28 1200 Coin
Water Pump Basic Decoration
I DecoWaterPump
US 28 1000 Coin
Shaped Shrub Square Basic Decoration
I DecoShapedShrubSquare
FR 29 1000 Coin
White Water Tank Basic Decoration
I DecoWaterTankWhite
US 29 500 Coin
Hot spring geyser  Basic Decoration
I DecoHotSpringGeyser
US 29 50 Diamond
Brown Water Tank Basic Decoration
I DecoWaterTankBrown
US 29 1000 Coin
Bird House Basic Decoration
I DecoBirdHouse
All 30 Diamond
Hay Cart Basic Decoration
I DecoHayCart
All 30 120 Coin
Horse Statue Basic Decoration
I DecoHorseStatue
FR 30 500 Coin
Wooden Chair Basic Decoration
I DecoWoodenChair
US 30 400 Coin
Small Linden Basic Decoration
I DecoLindenSmall
FR 31 900 Coin
Big Linden Basic Decoration
I DecoLindenBig
FR 31 1500 Coin
Hay Stacks Basic Decoration
I DecoHayStacks
US 31 120 Coin

<tabber> |-|Time-Limited Decorations=

Description Event Picture
Pictured is the Leo Constellation Horse Globe.

Coinciding with every new Constellation Horse is a new Constellation Globe to match.

50 Diamond is the cost.

Constellation Horse Event
Leo Deco
Pictured is the Firework.

For Chinese New Years, time-limited decorations included the Cloud Pillar, Monkey Statue, and Cloud Gate.

Chinese New Years (annual)
Pictured is the (BLANK).

For the Christmas Event, time-limited decorations included Snowy Fences, light-up Christmas Trees, and Piles of Gifts.

Christmas Event
Pictured is the (BLANK).

For the Thanksgiving Event, time-limited decorations included Turkey Statues and Pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Event
Pictured is the (BLANK).

For the Yellow Rose Cup Event, time-limited decorations included Kangaroo Statues, a Barbed Wire Fence, and Horse-Riding Statues.

Yellow Rose Cup Event
Pictured is the (BLANK).

For the Oktoberfest Event, time-limited decorations included a Pretzel Fence, Gnome Statues, and Clock Towers.

Oktoberfest Event
Pictured here is a Phone Booth.

For the Royal Race Event, time-limited decorations included a Royal Carriage, Scots Horse Statues, and Scots Fences.

Royal Race
Phone Booth
Pictured here is a Big Tent.

For the Arabian Nights Event, time-limited decorations included an Arabian Lamp Tree, a Small Tent, and an Arabian Lamp.

Arabian Nights
Big Tent