Dartmoor Pony
Dartmoor pony T1
Basic Info
Country: France
Player Level Unlock: 25
Market Level Unlock: 4

Official DescriptionEdit

Dartmoor Ponies have been roaming south-western England for centuries. Due to the harsh environment, Dartmoor Ponies are very hardy with excellent stamina. Dartmoor Ponies have been used as working animals over centuries, but they are kept semi-feral in Dartmoor itself. Despite their size, these ponies are excellent jumpers.


How to Breed Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 1 % Chance
Shetland Pony Chincoteague Pony 17%
Shetland Pony Connemara Pony 18%
Chincoteague Pony Connemara Pony 19%

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Dartmoor pony T1 Elite Speed 0 Stamina 3 Jump 3 39 67 Diamond 264 Coin
Tier 2 Dartmoor Pony T2 Elite Speed 0 Stamina 5 Jump 3 50 80 Diamond 282 Coin
Tier 3 Dartmoor Pony T3 Mythic Speed 3 Stamina 5 Jump 3 77 104 Diamond 360 Coin
Tier 4 Dartmoor PonyT4 Legendary Speed 4 Stamina lv6 Jump 4 Diamond Coin


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