Criollo T1
Basic Info
Country: US
Player Level Unlock: 10
Market Level Unlock: 2

Official DescriptionEdit

Criollo Horses are native to South America. Apart from Arabian horses, they might have the best stamina among all horse breeds. They feature a strong build and well-developed joints. They are very adaptive to harsh environments and often have long lives.1


How to Breed Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 1 % Chance
Canadian Andalusian 17%
Canadian American Indian 18%
Canadian Tennessee Walking 18%
Frederiksborg Haflinger 40%

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Criollo T1 Rare Speed 0 Stamina 1 Jump 3 22 43 Diamond 204 Coin
Tier 2 Criollo T2 Rare Speed 0 Stamina 1 Jump 4 27 53 Diamond 240 Coin
Tier 3 Criollo T3 Elite Speed 1 Stamina 1 Jump 5 48 75 Diamond 264 Coin
Tier 4 Horse -criollo- tier4 Mythic Speed 2 Stamina 3 Jump 5 72 98 Diamond 318 Coin


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