Constellation Horses joined Horse Haven: World Adventures in update Version 2.7.0 , together with a recurring event: Constellation Horse Event. Starting with the Leo Horse , the Constellation Horse Event introduces 12 Constellation Horses, one by one, according to the period of each zodiac sign. So, in a year, there are 12 Constellation Horse Events in all, each one corresponding to a unique zodiac sign and horse.

The 12 legendary Constellation Horses are branded by distinguished zodiac tattoos, corresponding to their zodiac sign.

Each Constellation Horse is only able to be obtained by purchasing or by breeding , during the zodiac sign period it stands for. But once you get it, it will stay in your stable for good.

As an extra gift, each time you get your first Constellation Horse of a new zodiac sign (either by breeding or purchasing), you will be rewarded with a special Constellation Decoration, also unique to each zodiac sign.

The Constellation Horse Event kicked off on July 30th, GMT, 2015, with the Leo Horse as the leading breed.

Breeding Constellation HorseEdit

If you want to get a Constellation Horse through breeding , you need to bear in mind that for each Constellation Horse, only one unique combination of common horses may bring you the chance to get one. This combination varies with whichever zodiac sign that the Constellation Horse stands for.

Note that Constellation I horses are only available during Constellation I breeding event.

During a zodiac sign period, an exclusive Horsepedia page in the game will show you the unique match that offers you chance to breed your Constellation Horse of the month.
Leo breeding recipe

When you get the right match of horses to the breeding house, a zodiac symbol will let you know that it is the right combination.

Remember, the Constellation Horses can’t be bred with other common horses. And Constellation horses of different zodiac signs can’t be bred together, either. Only Constellation Horses of the same zodiac sign can be put to gather to win a chance to get a new one with higher tier, also of the same zodiac sign. For example, two Leo Horses can breed together, but you can’t breed a Leo I Horse with a Virgo Horse or Leo II horse.

Breeding Matches of Constellation HorsesEdit

Zodiac Sign Available Dates Horse 1 Horse 2
Leo icon
Leo I
Jul. 23rd GMT – Aug. 22nd GMT * Criollo Dutch Harness
Leo II Dutch Warmblood Welara
  1. Fjord
  2. Dutch Warmblood
  3. Lusitano
  1. Welara
  2. Westphalian
  3. Frederiksborg
Virgo I
Aug. 23rd GMT – Sept. 22nd GMT Chincoteague Pony Friesian
Virgo II Fjord Frederiksborg
Virgo III
  1. Rocky Mountain
  2. Dutch Warmblood
  3. Lusitano
  1. Frederiksborg
  2. Welara
  3. Westphalian
Libra I
Sept. 23rd GMT – Oct. 22nd GMT Hackney Dolehest
Libra II Jutland Bavarian Warmblood
Libra III
  1. Morgan
  2. Chincoteague Pony
  3. Jutland
  1. American Warmblood
  2. Bavarian Warmblood
  3. Belgian Warmblood
Scorpio I
Oct. 23rd GMT – Nov. 21st GMT Jutland Rocky Mountain
Scorpio II Orlov Trotter Oldenburg
Scorpio III
  1. Rocky Mountain
  2. Dutch Harness
  3. Connemara Pony
  1. Oldenburg
  2. Dartmoor Pony
  3. Clydesdale
Sagittarius I
Nov. 22nd GMT – Dec. 21st GMT American Paint Hanoverian
Sagittarius II Dolehest Black Forest
Sagittarius III
  1. Criollo
  2. Wurttemberger
  3. Gotland Pony
  1. American Warmblood
  2. Trakehner
  3. Black Forest
Capricorn I
Dec. 22nd GMT – Jan. 19th GMT Connemara Pony Lusitano
Capricorn II Lusitano Westphalian
Capricorn III
  1. Fjord
  2. Dutch Warmblood
  3. Lusitano
  1. Westphalian
  2. Frederiksborg
  3. Welara
Aquarius I
Jan. 20th GMT – Feb. 18th GMT Irish Sport Haflinger
Aquarius II American Paint Akhal Teke
Aquarius III
  1. American Paint
  2. Shetland Pony
  3. Irish Sport
  1. American Warmblood
  2. Trakehner
  3. Black Forest
Pisces I
Feb. 19th GMT – Mar. 20th GMT Dutch Warmblood Australian Brumby
Pisces II Rocky Mountain Clydesdale
Pisces III
  1. Dutch Harness
  2. Connemara Pony
  3. Orlov Trotter
  1. Oldenburg
  2. Dartmoor Pony
  3. Clydesdale
Aries I
Mar. 21st GMT – Apr. 19th GMT Fjord Shetland Pony
Aries II Morgan Belgian Warmblood
Aries III
  1. Chincoteague Pony
  2. Jutland
  3. Shire
  1. American Warmblood
  2. Bavarian Warmblood
  3. Belgian Warmblood
Taurus iconTaurus I Apr. 20th GMT – May 20th GMT Morgan Orlov Trotter
Taurus II Criollo Trakehner
Taurus III
Gemini iconGemini I May 21st GMT – Jun. 20th GMT Gotland Pony Knabstrupper
Gemini II Shire American Warmblood
Gemini III
Cancer iconCancer I Jun. 21st GMT – Jul. 22nd GMT Shire Icelandic Horse
Cancer II Dutch Harness Dartmoor Pony
Cancer III

Note: the first Leo Horse month lasts from July 30th, GMT to Aug. 22nd, GMT, due to the release date of Version 2.7.0. But the next Leo Horse month in 2016 will begin timely on July 23rd GMT.