The breed house is a building used for breeding horses.

United StatesEdit


US BreedHouse L1

Player Unlock Level 5
Build Price 350 Coin
Build Time 0 minutes



FR BreedHouse L1

Player Unlock Level 10
Build Price 3,000 Coin
Build Time 30 minutes



DE BreedingHouse L1

Player Unlock Level 19
Build Price 5,000 Coin
Build Time 60 minutes

England Edit


UK BreedHouse L1

Player Unlock Level 27
Build Price 12,000 Coin
Build Time 120 minutes

Description and use Edit

If you click on this to breed, you click the heart to breed and the arrows to move or relocate. If you click the heart, it will ask you to breed one male and one female. The results will be, each breed that you used to breed with will appear, and a third horse that none of your breeding horses are. If you spin with diamonds, your chances are just the same to get the same one over and over (I have never had that happen though), to me its worth a try.


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