Eric Rodriguez and Sasha Silver were trail riding one day when they found a grey and blue foal with unique markings on its flank. Sasha, being great with with foals, picked it up. Eric searched all around the clearing and even in the sea, but there was no sign of the foal's mother. Eventually, they left the foal behind, and went on their way. They were halfway back to Canterwood Crest Academy when they ran into Paige and Callie, Sasha's ex friends. They looked innocent enough, but Sasha noticed that Paige was riding a chocolate brown horse with flame tattoos on its flank. Sasha had never seen the horse before, and she knew Paige didn't like horses. "Paige, what is that?" asked Sasha. "It's a FLAME LEO AND IT HATES YOU!" screamed Paige. "What...." stammered Sasha. But then, the Leo transformed into a huge firewall and it started burning towards Sasha and Eric. Sasha heard the sound of hoofbeats approaching, and right as the firewall was about to devour them, the foal they had found deflected the Leo and it burned Paige and Callie. That, my friends, is the story of the Aquarius ll.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

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